Scandinavian School for Siberian Shamanism (SSSS)

Skandinavisk Skole for Sibirske Shamanismen (SSSS)

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Teaching to be a Shaman - Healer

  Basic shamanic education with 8 blocks of 4 days - long weekend;  

33x8=264 hours training, 2 years

Siberian Shamanism

Shamanism is a true ancient religion - the foundation of all contemporary religions, science and mysticism. It is a direct and effective method to open and activate inner power and gain the abilities to keep it. This is an ancient knowledge which is open vision of the deep inner processes that occur in a person and the abilities to contact with Holy Power.


The teaching under guidance of Siberian shamans

This teaching pays great attention to inner transformation and the attainment of consciousness in its pupils. Teaching is giving under the guidance of tutors - Siberian shamans, who are in direct contact with the enlightened consciousness ot the teacher Altai Chi. The highest level of consciousness gives the silent energetic rays of ancient cosmic knowledge, not jus through the acquisition of information, but through private experience, which is immediately accessible and possible, so that transformation will be speeded up. The level of your vibration will raise and you will become more natural and sensitive.


Work with shamanic techniques

For professional work, training is given on shamanic techniques, which will enable you to make a diagnosis and choose the necessary method of treatment, as well as create and charge objects of power. You will learn to work consciously in the dream state, and sustain contact with spirit helpers in every-day life. You will learn serious rituals to support and balance your own energetic structure and increase inner power. You will master shamanic worlds, where helpers, keepers and protectors can be found. The key figures we will work with will be Äjamy - our spirit-protector, our mother animal, the teacher, the 5 souls, the 4 shamanic Gods, the dream body / ether double, our ancestors and the world tree.


What can you achieve through this teaching?

At the end of the teaching you will be like a shaman-healer, able to help yourself and others. You will get a state of deep happiness and be able to solve all the problems of life:

- Recover and maintain permanent excellent health, strengthen the immunity and wonderful life rhythm

- Find your true partner, transform relationships

- Lear the art of shamanic mantra with a partner and understand you loved ones and colleagues more deeply

- Get advanced abilities of clairvoyance. intuition, divination, telepathy, hypnosis, lucid dreaing, flying in the thin body    and   even levitation.

- Understanding of the law of karma and confirmation of the galactic.

- Find you soul destiny and open you Divine individuality - the Holy "ego".

- Become a master, conductor of Divine Power on Earth, mediator / channel between God and people.


Who is this teaching for?

These classes are not only for people coming to this knowledge for the first time, or for those seeking a return to health, improving or finding relationship, success in business, to become a master of super-abilities, but also for those who have already studied at other schools or spiritual centers and wish to develop further.

For every one who is seriously seeking to develop spiritually, Siberian shamanism gives a new vision. This teaching is for those who want to create themselves, expand their consciousness and help other do the same. If you already know something about shamanic practices here you can find many new practices and rituals, which will add to your knowledge. As you learn shamanism you will become like a spiritual person and shamanic healer, capable of helping people around you to open and se their own power and essence to reach inner harmony.



Topic 1. Shamanic trance. Work with the Sur-body

- Siberian Shamanic tradition. Ancient knowledge about human happiness.

- The bliss of shamanic trance. Methods of entering the trance state - through breathing, singing, dancing dan drum. The Spirit of shamanic ecstasy -- Tyn Bura

- Development of super-sensory perceptions, higher understanding and intuitive abilities through shamanic trance. Freedom from states of depression.

- Shamanic dance and song, which awaken your Divine individuality.

- Development of the shamanic dream body - Sur, to travel and work in the shamanic worlds.  With the help of Sur you can meet your beloved, and become one with him/her.

- Shamanic healing - rituals to cleanse the body and any inner organs.

- Shamanic diagnostics of diseases

- Shamanic massage, activates feeling of complete well-being and contentment with all life.


Topic 2. The bos of Tengry. A place of power.

- Ancient knowledge which was passed on from one person to another for more dan 40.000 years, about how to realize your most sacred dreams and wishes.

- Shamanic map of the world: the ancient canvas of "The Bow of Tengry", which until now has was only shown to a few chosen ones, and kept by the Great shaman Altai Chi.

- Shamanic Gods - Erlick, Umai, Ulgen, Tengry and five human souls - Kut, Sur, Tes, Bos, Ayi. Once you acquire knowledge about them you will be fee at last to live the life you truly wish.

- Find Spirit-helpers, with whose help you can resolve all problems, and receive the riches from them which otherwise would have poisoned your existence.

- The shamanic Worl Tree and the River of Life, which connect the shamanic worlds.

- Searching for our own Place of Power. One you have found it you get absolute confidence in you self, your powers and abilities.

- The shaman's objects of Power: Homuz entrance into trance, drum - help to call and attract spiritushelpers, shamanic customs, which gives power and strength.


Topic 3. The Middle world. Goddess Umai. Power Koet.

- Goddess of the Earth Umai, who protects and keeps us from evil spirits, will give her help to save and restore relationships to harmony.

- Find the Spirits of charm and attraction

- Development of the shamanic Soul Koet, with which you will forget about financial problems and others difficulties.\

- The Spirits of the elements give health and power. Work with Spirits of Earth, Water, Fire and Air.

-  The power animal. Getting abilities to reincarnate into the form of any animal on high level, to get their power and knowledge.

- Shamanic healing. Exorcism of evil spirits in a shamanic ritual.

- Shamanic hierarchy. The possibility of contact with a living teacher.


Topic 4. Spirits who inhabit the shamanic world. Meeting with Ayami. Spirit of Siberia

- Spirits of luck: when you find connection with them you will get great luck. The changes in your life will be so palpable that all who are around you - relatives and loved ones will be amazed.

- Sprit of the family, who helps to keep harmony and understanding in relationships.

- The tribal spirits Kormes who open the connection with ancestors.

- Spirit of the place, Ayami, your Spirit-protector, who gives the state of happiness and bliss.

- Making talismans, keepers and magic objects - kept by the spirits-helpers

- Shamanic prayer - appealing to the sacred Spirit for helping people on Earth, for its Holy blessing

- Contact with the Great Spirit of Siberia and obtain its support and protection


Topic 5 Lower world, the world of past. Great Ruler Erlik Han

- Shamanic journey to the lower world, and the world of the past. Clear the whole family tree and help all genus.

- Return to the past where you lost power and retrieve health and well-being

- Clear the soul Tes. Work with negative emotions - feelings of guilt and self-pity, sadness, irritability, greediness. Get free of bad habits, alcoholism and addictions like smoking.

- Ruler of the lower world - protector of all shamans Erlik Han. When a pupil takes a blessing from Erlik Han he becomes a really powerful shaman.

- Ritual of the shamanic split - giving the pupil an ability to treat any diseases

- Rituals of shamanic healing in the lower world, to get complete good health


Topic 6 Upper world, the world of future. Great Ruler Ulgen

- Shamanic journey to the world of the future, after shich favorable changes start to happen in your life. Those close to you and others who did not before, will seek your company.

- With the blessing from the ruler of the upper world - Ulgen, wonderfull possibilities and transformations will bring a very lucky period in your life.

- Shamanic Tree of Wishes - an ancient ritual for realizatoin of your innermost wishes.

- Spirits of the arts, inspiration and rapture.

- Spirit Bos, who helps to change a person's fate and solve all their problems.

- The art of shamanic foretelling, prediciton and divination, Shamanic prohecy.

- Work with Spirits of the upperworld, who give you the possibilities to create yourself and your futureacoording to your wishes. You can control your fate.

- Shamanic healing in the upper world.


Topic 7.  Seashore of Tengry. The world of Eternity.

- Great God Tengry -  Ruler of the higher world and karma, creator ofr all beings and Creator of the Universe, contact with whom makes you a God-like person with incredible powers and abilities.

- Ability to get into contact with Spirits of the planets, connect with different world civilizations.

- Tengry's Seashore, reaching it you will experience the highest state of consciousness and bliss possible on Earth.

- Development of the mind's qualities - memory, logic, imagination, consciousness and attention.

- Ancient shamanic ritual of karma clearing, after which you will be released of all suffering and can help other people.

- Opening the higher self, the soul Ayi, cognition of self, intent and personal mission on Earth.

- Shamanic astrology - management of yur own fate through wisdom of the stars

- Opening of the shamanic vision


Topic 8. Shamanic journey to the four worlds.

- Ultimate master of power and control in any situation in life

- Development of abilities - of hypnosis, telepathy and teleportation

- Journey to the 4 shamanc worlds, after which you can travel to any place at any time and space.

- The affirmation "I am conductor of the Divine Power in this world, mediator between the world of Gods and people."

- The peaks of healing arts. Treat people from a distance.

- Development of willpower and vreation of the spirit of self sufficiency and freedom. Enlightenment.

- Serve the Holy Spirits and Divine evolutionary aims. Take part in the creation of a united state on the Earth, the state of the third millennium. Shamanic settlement.


Teachers - shamans from Siberia.

The history of Siberian shamism has existed for over 40.000 years. During this period shamans - the keepers of the knowledge - have lived in the territory of Siberia under the protection of the Spirit of Siberia. For thousands of years this knowledge of Siberian shamans about the way to be happy was given just to a few select people, who kept this wisdom. Over the centuries many different beliefs and religions were born and died, coming from world Teachers such as Buddha, Christ, Krishna, Gurdjjieff, Osho. Each one of them opened the ancient knowledge for people. But today, in the Age of Aquarius, Altai Chi gives us the possibility to touch upon the essence in its entirety, not in separated parts as knowledge was given in the religions of the past.

The keeper of the Knowledge Altai Chi, who lives in the depths of the Siberian Taiga, 13 years ago saw a great white bird in his dream. He understood that it was a Sign from Divine Power. The time has come to give ancient knowledge for people and he has a special destiny to help all people on Earth to find their own true happiness and expanded consciousness. With this aim Altai Chi created a school, to teach unique methods - from both ancient and new traditions, and rituals from different nations and cultures that have been proven through time.

The enlightened Teacher owned the secrets for all his nearest pupils and sent them out as tutors all over the world to teach the great knowledge from Siberia. The teachings are give in Russian, English and of course with translators in many other languages.