Scandinavian School for Siberian Shamanism (SSSS)

Skandinavisk Skole for Sibirske Shamanismen (SSSS)

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Secrets of Altai.

From school students:


-This day I will remember for ever! Because it helped me to go through all my doubts and now I believe that I chose the right way.

It was the day of sacred communication with the Master and getting His Blessing. My heart trembled, I felt a Great Love and happiness. Everyone who was at this meeting felt the same way. We were in a special meditation hall and with magical music of Shambala we journeyed in the world of self individuality. Everyone melted in the Cosmic field, it was written in everyone’s eyes. I felt as if man and woman came into unity inside of me, as if inside united lover with lover, I felt like my body and soul became one, like the drop united with the ocean, the finite with infinite. Harmony and happiness filled me…I cannot say by words the delight that I lived.

In that evening Teacher played specially for us the music of the spheres. In this music I felt the melody of my soul, but before I could not even imagine that there is so many talent and abilities kept closed in me. Now I know how to open this talent in my children.

After this meeting with the Alive God in Altai I found my inner reserves, abilities which I had. And very important – Teacher is always with me in my life, in the right time He can give advice how to make the right choice. The time shows that this solution is absolutely right!!!


.. I could never imagine that I would ever make a prayer. I was successful businesswoman and millions of dollars came to me every day. I suddenly came across a series of bad luck incidents. I survived the first strike and then an other one came. But when the strikes started coming one after another, I broke down. Then I remembered God and started praying for help. After that I met the pedagogues of the school Golden Altai and these people opened my eyes for the rest of my life. I used to live only for my self, I didn’t think of the others, of God or even of my Soul: I had a son, but didn’t pay attention to him while buying him off with expensive toys. But this was not enough. My son grew up to be reactive and didn’t show me any respect. He started to smoke, to drink alcohol. I realized that with money I just seduced him. I was afraid that he would start taking drugs… God was saying to me through all this: “Money can’t be the target, but they are the means to reach your Greatest Spiritual Goals! So as to serve the Highest”.

I understood this thanks to the pedagogues of the School! Now I have my Teacher who guides me and my son, who has found himself and his goals in life. Now hw doesn’t smoke anymore (thanks to the music and the practices given to him), he takes part in an astral-karate group that he himself has created. He is confident about himself and I am sure about his future. Now I am happy.

Mark, businessman:

-When I looked back at the events of this year l was surprised to realize how full with impressions and emotions it was! Every thing was unusual! With every seminar in me opened artistic potential and a new horizon for the development of my business. From this seminar I got new power and knowledge to materialize my goals in my business. How much wisdom have I acquired as if l lived ten lives in one year. I see in the seminars the real miracles of change: cold, practical people become happy like children, they dance, sing, create poems – if you watch them it is impossible to say that they manage thousands of people and that they use in their work modern style of the world business..

At this day many miracles will happen with you too! To be a Master of inner energy of elements is a key for success in creation not only your business and also your family!


Mike, businessman:

I usually had in the past difficulties in choosing the right personnel because I often travel and I should leave important work to my assistant. I was always worried if the could handle it. Before my hopes were contradicted and when I had to leave my office I was at risk. Now I know the secret! This is the secret of physiognomy that helps to know everything about a man by looking at his outer form and face. This knowledge I took in the seminar in Altai by the teachers of School Golden Altai. I also learned that astrology is very important  in our life. Thanks God I came to this  seminar in Altai and learned the ancient knowledge about influence from the  planets to people. And now l can read the inner  world of every one around me by just looking at them. I see the talents in my clerks and assistants and i can use their power in the right and maximum way for them and our firma. We became one family in success and happiness!

Alerksander, businessman:

-         Last summer I sent my son- a teenager to Siberia, to Sao-Lin. Later, after one month he came back home – I was surprised: in front of me was standing an absolutely different man! Yes, exactly – a man! He wasn’t caprice boy, but a confident  warrior of Spirit! For two days I and my wife couldn’t believe in this miracle: every morning my son was running, doing yoga, taking a cold shower. After few days my wife and me came together and he taught us about right breathing (pranayama), complex asanas of yoga. My short wind is stoped and vein problems in the legs of my wife disappeared. Our life became more happy and healthy! My son before was a very shy kid full of complexes and now he has a wonderful girlfriend that likes sport too. He found her only in a month. Me and my wife are very happy for him!

Thank you very much School of Happiness!

Robert, businessman:

- For a long time l didn’t understand why some people cant be managers or why others can only talk, but not work. Some of people are very clever, others – not at all. Now l know about the centers in a human body. This knowledge helps me to see who of  my workers can be very active, who can be a manager. Also, I can see special characteristics of the form of the face or the body –in which area  this kind of person can use his talents. This knowledge I can use it  not only in my business, but  also in how to educate in the right way my lovely children..


Olga, business-lady:

-         I am a successful and beautiful woman. But  for a long time I couldn’t find the right person for me among so many people that were around me. It is much difficult to have a love affair. Only in such seminars I have met with real people: Elite of the most powerful, successful and clever men in the world. I was so surprised when l met my ideal, my love.. I am so happy!!!