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Skandinavisk Skole for Sibirske Shamanismen (SSSS)

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Astrology is the ancient science about connection, or more precisely, the influence of the distant stars and closest planets on our life and destiny, on the whole planet as well as on individual persons.

Astrology is a star schedule of all our life, which is mathematically precise and specific. From this schedule we are able to find out when we can expect troubles and when the fortune smiles to us. When we can expect something room our life, and when it is necessary to be accurate not to attract failure to yourself.

Astrology is also a science about a person himself, about our individuality. For example, by studying your own Natal Chart, you will be able to find out everything about your character, about your purpose in this life, about the powers put in us by gods and nature, about our strong and weak parts, about possible problems and much more. You will be able to find out about the limit of your accomplishments and how to go behind these limits, using the knowledge of Astrology, how that was achieved by Bill Gates, Schwarzenegger, Madonna, kings and presidents.

Astrology as a science needs no more advertising; it has earned its reputation. Most schools of astrology deal with this scientific or theoretical Astrology today: they cast horoscopes, do predictions according to them, determine common partners. And it is great, but just theoretical studies of astrology do not allow people to solve their problems. So we see that even professional astrologers still have the need for money; they do not find harmonic relationships with close friends and family and have problems regarding their health.

Esoteric astrology includes not only theoretic or scientific astrology which was described above, but also practical astrology. It reveals practical knowledge for those who seek how to make their life better and bring the energy of joy and happiness in it, how to change their destiny and get rit of many problems and conflicts, how to learn mutual understanding with close friends and family and strengthen their business.

Esoteric astrology is not simply dry information about our character or purpose, but it is a precise method for helping each person in solving specific problems.