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The year  2005 –is  a year of a child

Children of the epoch of Aquarius!!!

  short course (16 hours) - 1 weekend





Do your  wish happiness to your family?

Do you want your children to be happy?

Do you want your children to be healthy and successful?

 The year 2005 is named a year of a child by Siberian shamans.




We live in unique time – time of changes, the period of awakeness self-consciousness of men, in period of getting on new evolution level for humanity. 

Even in  90s of ХХ century it was proved by progressive scientists that a new wave of Mind appears on the Earth, presented by unusual children who has extraordinary inner power. 

The time came to think that this generation of unordinary people with new mind and consciousness is your children. They were born with miraculous intellectual gift. Children of ХХI century have got ability of prediction, clairvoyance, and telekinesis.  Their intuition is sharp. They are children of Indigo who have genes of genius!

It’s very important to understand that it’s impossible to bring up children of new consciousness in ordinary way, like common children. Because depending on real up –bringing of your children it might be happiness love and harmony in the family or a child can become an uncontrolled burden that makes your life a hell. 

Look at your children closer: most likely your darling playful child –is child of Indigo!

How to bring him up in right way? It’s the main question of parents of children of new generation, and we help to get an answer on it!


For the first time on the planet Earth a unique set of seminars of International Academy of Happiness in Scandinavian school of Siberian Shamanism is given, with help of worldwide Centre of Revival of Humanity.


SUBJECT OF THE SEMINARS: “ Wonder – Kids”, «Children of new Epoch” «Indigo Children»….

                  The year 2005 named a Year of a child by Siberian shamans.

                   We invite psychologists, teachers, and future parents.


In result of research made by Worldwide Centre of Revival of Humanity it’s found out that humanity is on the edge of death not only because of wars ecological catastrophes but also mainly because of genetic degeneration. And Indigo Children – is salvation of humanity, its hope.

 Remember that in your family can be a genius with whom happy revival of your family will start. It’s very important already from early age bring a child up in a right way, not to correct mistakes of the up bringing for many years after. Learning the art of up bringing we will help to discover in your children super abilities: clairvoyance, telepathy, prediction of the future, genius, talent, prepare them for wise controlling of the government of the happy people where humanity will live without wars without suffer.

The practical knowledge saved during many years’ researches in secret institutes of studying men in different countries of the world (the university of Kaznacheeva in Russia, University of Anthropology in Ls Angeles in USA). , Integrated by us can become the main point of well being of your family. . with this aim we prepared for you the special course of lessons which consists of three steps on the first level.

On these meetings you’ll find out how to give happiness to your child, you’ll learn and will be able to pass it to your children and use this knowledge in your life about:


- how to prepare to making of a healthy and ingenious child?

- how to give birth to a healthy and ingenious child ?

- how to bring a child up in a right way?

- how to discover talents and genius of a child?

- how to chose profession for a child?

- how to create destiny of a child?

- how to help to a child to find his second half?

- what kind of person a happy child should be?

- do I wish happiness to my child in a right way?

- what a child needs to get happiness?

- sexual up bringing of children

-what kind of people the children of the epoch of Aquarius are?

- why children have illnesses?

- why children steal?

- why children take drugs?

-          why children can not make acquaintances  

1st step:  basic training

consist of series of lessons devoted creating happy family and up bringing of healthy posterity. It’s a theoretic course that includes the following subjects:


Creation of harmonious happy family:

- how to find an ideal partner

- harmonising of  family relationship.

Genius of a child:

- Indigo children

-  how to prepare to making a genius (psychological  preparation, programming of features of the character of the future child, program программа «Anti stress», right feeding, power of positive emotions)

- astrological time of creating and giving birth to a genius (how to “get support from the stars”, to attract light soul of a child)

-pregnancy – how to bring up strong personality before birthday

-system of up bringing and development of talents of your child