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Thursday - Sunday, 5 long weekends, one weekend every third months  33x5=165 hours training

Perfection in military arts should not be independent, but on the contrary, should develop in you the feeling of love and respect for associates along with preservation of the individual independence.
           ~Altai Chi~

Astro Aikido uses ancient mystical and scientific principles of energy manipulation to achieve amazing results, including many forms of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) and so-called Supernatural Powers. Of course, nothing in the natural world can really be “supernatural". Things that appear to be supernatural use natural laws that are not widely known (e.g., esoteric knowledge).

Anybody can learn the basics of Astro Aikido and enjoy the benefits of mastering personal energy and developing a healthy mind and body. Each part of Astro Aikido helps you in its own way. Each bit of wisdom is worth the effort of learning it, and each exercise builds the strength and power to do more. The exercises you do are the only ones that help you. Only the people who do them are convinced.

Even those who start out weak (physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually) gain strength as they persevere. By continuing on the path, they develop more wisdom and power. Whatever your current condition, it can be improved with Astro Aikido.

The Masters of Golden Altai can teach you to harness the power of your own inner energy. Then you can learn the ancient techniques to control Sansa Energy Fields, comprehend the mysteries of Sansa Psychology, Spiritual Aikido, Group Dynamics, and other important areas of Special Powers. When the proper foundation has been laid, you may even learn “The Art of Fighting an Astral Battle”!

Astro Aikido is not for wimps or simpletons! Astro Aikido is a system of very special knowledge and power that has been passed down for centuries ¾ only to those whom the Masters deemed worthy to receive it. You will have to work hard and study diligently to get the most out of this course and become a Master of Astro Aikido.

It is necessary to regularly perform Katas, Rituals, Meditations, and other exercises, to get control over your body, your emotions, and your personal Sansa Energy Force. You will need to live a healthful life to be successful at Astro Aikido.

Warning: If you expect to get a free ride, learn “magic secrets” that will give you great power without effort, or buy “magic powers” to overcome your opponents ¾ then go back to your comic books and video games. Astro Aikido is for people who really want to improve themselves and their real life world.

Don’t throw lightning bolts until you understand the power of lightning!
           ~Maharg Ydobon~

If you are sincerely striving for wisdom, personal growth, and success, it is possible to improve yourself and achieve greatness, no matter what your starting point. After all, life is a path. Follow the path with diligence and you will be better for doing so.

Those who seek real understanding will find a lot to contemplate from the Masters of Golden Altai.

Astro Aikido is just one area of their esoteric knowledge. They are also masters of other systems of knowledge and power, including many forms of yoga, music, dance, earth energies, parapsychology, universal forces, social psychology, love and family harmony.

Besides fighting Astral Battles to preserve Planet Earth and the Human Race, the Masters of Golden Altai use their wisdom to help people who are raising genius children, troubled children, and special “Indigolden Children”, people who want a more harmonious family life, people who are looking for the secrets to happiness, people who want to learn secrets of business success, people who want to be more healthy, people who care about the future, and people who just want everything in their world to get better.

Maybe you noticed ¾ power isn’t their goal. Helping people live better is the reason for everything the Masters of Golden Altai accomplish. What good would it be, to have overwhelming power, if you couldn’t use it to help people?


Gain knowledge about energy fields, sources of energy, and especially how to raise and manipulate the Sansa energy field of the human body.

Coordination Table

An Aharata column is an axel channel that connects Chakras and allows transmitting energies of lower layers to upper ones and vice versa. In yoga theory this channel is called “Kundalini Nandi”.

Nataraj Meditation

It is necessary to do this Shiva practice a minimum of 2 times every day to master energy and achieve a total relaxedness. It gives the student the ability to receive cosmic energy and be invulnerable during psychic attacks.

Astrogamma “Starlet”

In this exercise we concentrate our attention on the energy coming through this star. As in the other practices we change the rhythm of our breathing. The movements flow into one another fluidly and gently without any breaks. Translated, astroram means starlet.

Hatha – Kata

Become a protected warrior, who is gathering the energy from the earth before a new battle with the enemy. Be free from the imprisonment of miseducation. Be like an endless ocean of energy, potency, and power.

Breathing Kata

Learn to breathe smoothly, to cleanse the body and mind, to get total relaxation, and to increase your power through proper breathing.

Inner Kata

Delve into the innermost self and discover how to control the energy flow in order to be healthier, happier, more energetic, and more able to properly use your inner powers.

Roles Distribution in Society

Gain a vital understanding of the roles different people play in society, how they interact with each other, and how they manage power and energy.

The 12 Archetypes of Group Dynamics

The ancients identified 12 different personality types that tend to be present in every group situation. Learning to spot these 12 archetypes, and understanding how they affect group dynamics, provides insight into the health and structure of the group.

Three Types of Energy (Sattva = Mental, Rajas = Emotional, Tamas = Physical)

The 3 types of energy correspond to the 3 basic personality types noted by modern psychologists. Understanding how the energy fields relate, and why one tends to dominate in some people and others in other people, can help you recognize other people’s personality types, and adjust your own energy field appropriately. The Masters know techniques to raise Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas at will.

Sansa Theatre – Personally Experience Exciting States of Being

Sansa Theatre combines the fun of acting with the more important benefits of learning about life and personally experiencing various states of being.

Sansa Diet – Healthful Foods For Energy

Some foods make your body strong. Some foods make your brain strong. Some foods make your energy field strong. Some foods aren’t really foods at all ¾ they make you weak. Learn what to eat and what to avoid, to be strong and healthy.

Comparing the Indian and Chinese Systems

Since much of the Astro Aikido knowledge comes from ancient cultures, and since the Indian and Chinese cultures are amongst the oldest upon the earth, and since they both have been instrumental in developing and retaining much of this ancient knowledge, it is beneficial to study the Indian and Chinese systems of ancient knowledge.

Thousands of years ago, this special knowledge was carried to the Altai Mountains of Siberia, where The Masters of Golden Altai kept it alive despite the persecutions of the Dark Ages, Mongol invasions, two World Wars, religious fanatics, and Soviet Communism.

It is interesting and informative to note the similarities and differences between the Indian, Chinese, and Siberian systems. Historically, it is important to note how and when the special knowledge was transferred from place to place. How did some of this knowledge get to Egypt, Greece, Celts and Druids of the British Isles, American Indians, Eskimos, Australian Aborigines, Samis of the Scandinavian northlands, various tribes in Africa, and other cultures around the world?

There are many more questions than answers in this field that baffles modern scientists. Maybe you will be one who finds some more of the answers.

Aikido is a martial art form that turns opponents’ attacks back on themselves. Throw a punch at an Aikido expert and that punch is likely to land in a tree ¾ and you with it!

Spiritual Aikido is a special method of turning opponents’ spiritual, emotional, and psychic attacks back on themselves. When the Astro Aikido practitioner is properly prepared, attacks simply bounce off and only harm the attackers.

Aharata – School of Spiritual Fight – School of Spiritual Struggle

Aharata means “tsar, a warrior”, or more precisely “Archer who is shooting from far away”. The Aharata method of spiritual shooting was known both in India and in China. The Karateks of Aharata spiritually fight against evil sorcerers and other evil forces in the world. The School of Aharata forms an “Egregor” (powerful association) for good.

Defense and Attack

Understand the basic concepts of Defense and Attack. You must master both to be an effective Astro Aikido warrior.

Theory of Sansa Power

At this point you will likely be using Sansa Power in many ways. But, there is more of the theory of Sansa Power that you need to learn in order to use Sansa Power most efficiently and to protect yourself and your Egregor against attack.

Sansa Blow

The psychic attack technique, known as Sansa blow, is a powerful emission of Egregor’s energy, which goes through acharat karatek and is followed by a will-power statement, which influences the opponent’s program of consciousness. A very strong Sansa blow can render an opponent unconscious or even dead. A misapplied or poorly planned Sansa blow can be turned back upon the attacker.

Sansa Defense

Surround yourself with a sphere of energy and safety. Turn your opponents’ attacks back with Spiritual Aikido. Develop an Iron Shirt defense. Never have any need to fear spiritual, psychic, or emotional attacks again.

Aharata Complex (the Kata of Chakras)

The phenomena of parapsychology, manual therapy and many other abilities of people, which shock the imagination, are based on the skill to manage the inner energy ¾ the Sansa, which is manifested in the mental, physical, and sensual activity of everybody.

Here is described the effective methods of sensing and governing the Sansa-energy of body and space.

Kata of the Exterior

You work with concentration of energy streams into energy balls. All yogis and karateks see and feel a stream of balls, and in their thoughts imagine creating it in their consciousness. This relates to the fact that energy streams are made up of many little atoms, which though actually are hollow, resemble little balls when seen as a solid form.

Astral battle of a real warrior doesn’t look like a primitive exchange of energetic blows but is a great meditation of perfection and power.
~Altai Chi~

The Absolute Spirit

This is a deep contemplation of The Absolute Spirit, and how it relates to Astro Aikido, personal freedom, and the world in general.

Pyramid of Castes

(Unanswered Questions of Justice, Good, Equality, Brotherhood...)

Excuse us if the world isn’t perfect yet. It’s not our fault that injustice, evil, inequality and prejudice are messing up our political systems and warping our world-scopes.

Here, great Masters explain ancient concepts of “good and bad” and how to put oneself, and the entire planet, on a path of morality.

Deliberating to Overcome Karma

Overcoming Karma is necessary to gaining control over the future, rather than being controlled by reactions of the past.

Astro Psychology

The rule of polarization is a global rule. Global energy stream, directing to Earth, disconnects and polarizes on its own multipliers. It becomes apparent in religion (legions of deities), in astrology (division into signs and homes of zodiac), and in Sansa Psychology (division into roles).

Open Your Chakras

Chakras are centers of energy in a person. Without learning how to master the System of Chakras, one cannot possess strength, intellect, or sound health. Here are ways to open and clear the 13 basic Chakras.

Essential Katas and Special Rituals

Here are some of the Katas (exercises) and Special Rituals that help one to achieve personal development.

Divinity Ritual

Ritual to bring healing energy to various areas of the body.

Ritual “Dharme Lakshana” by Shri Subi Lakshmi Devi

While doing this ritual, feel how you change. As much as possible, try to embody every stage of life, from the newborn, to the aged and the dead. Feel transience that occurs in our lives. Feel a keen need to comprehend the Truth during this short time.

Kata of Rage

Uses the rage within to quell evils and bring peace using the Astro Aikido technique of turning negative forces into positive forces.

Kata of Astral Blow

The more powerful the personal Egregor (power organisation) of an Astro Aikido practitioner, the more systems he can connect by sansa-contact. The personal Egregor of the student grows up under supervision of Masters through right meditation and deserving acts.

The modern global goal of Aharata School is bringing happiness and peace, without outside cataclysms, to the planet.

Meditation Kata

Performing the Kata of Meditation is very important. The experience of the School shows that through this kata, new pupils can easily gain contact with the Egregor of the Aharata School, and thereby they can easily develop the realization of Sansa Energy.

Bhakti Kata

This practice helps to control different emotional states by dancing.

Magic Ritual “Lavaraiana”

Oh, great pupils of Truth! How many secrets and miracles reach our Universe!? This practice will open in you Para physiologic and magic abilities to comprehend the secrets of the Universe. You will fill yourselves ¾ slim bodies ¾ with the energy of harmony, and activity. When you get harmony existing all around the world ¾ you will find a happy life and be successful in all affairs.
~Altai Chi~

Complex of Self-sufficiency

Self-sufficiency may be achieved in many ways. This ritual is one method, one path to improving self-sufficiency.

Astro Aikido

An Astro Aikido Master becomes a ruler of the world when he penetrates the processes of creation of the world from its origin of Absolute Nothingness. Many scientists have spoken about the living creative force of absolute nothingness, but only the Writ of Shambala can give us explanation. And now The Masters of Golden Altai will open this mystery only to those who have persevered to venture this far and proven themselves worthy of great secrets of power.

The Great Meditation of Emptiness

Practicing this meditation, adepts of the Russian Esoteric Center have mastered the great phenomena of levitation, teleportation, and materialization, which you can see in our films Occult phenomena, Spiritual Healing-2, and Astrokarate-2.

Complex of Chakras PositionsThe Kata of Chakras

This is a Kata exercise for clearing and managing the Chakras. Without learning how to master the System of Chakras man cannot possess strength, intellect, or sound health.

Aharata or Coessential Kata

This seemingly passive Kata is, in reality, the slow progression of a sans-energetic, global battle. When the Astro Aikido Master begins this battle he clearly understands that he will not win unless he is able to detach himself completely from his body and be practically ready to die in his living body to guarantee victory of his aim.  

The Optimal Chakral Organization of the Human Being

Classical ancient Indian yoga described the 7 Chakras of a man, and this was quite correct for that time. But today to work with only 7 Chakras is absolutely out of perspective, both from the viewpoint of sound health, and the development of parapsychological abilities ¾ Siddhs.

A new Chakral Aharata of Future Man has begun to crystallize. It has not 5, or 7, but 15 nerve-energy knots, which collect and generate energy.

The 15 Chakras of Future Man:


Special Teachings are collected here at the end of the course for your convenience.

Special Wisdom may be used at any time throughout the course to illuminate your path at the discretion of your personal tutor, The Masters of Golden Altai, or your own volition. Each of these treatises spans many pages. Only a brief description is here.

Farewell to the Worl

In this stage a destruction of the social structure that has caused to you so much grief, tragedy, and affliction will be destroyed. Once all worldly dogmas have been demolished, you will see what you are in reality ¾ a pure soul filled with Divine Light. Then you’ll understand that God is you yourself.

The Trinity of Man – Hidden Power

I will tell you what blocks the way of development of man’s hidden abilities and the development of his hidden powers.

First of all, each person should understand that he was created by Nature, Society, and God. Three powers create man: God created his Soul, Nature created his body, and Society created his individuality (personality).
Altai Chi~

The Knowledge of Truth

The small child digests many harmful stereotypes from an early age, which are set into him by parents. Grownups teach their children to get offended, feel self-pity, and molly-coddle them so that they feel weak and difficult. They set harmful principles, which obstruct their lives and prevent them from being happy. When a person gets rid of all these harmful principles and negative emotions, when he stops feeling self-pity, learns not to be weak, and, on the contrary, tries to be strong, then he enters into another state, becomes stronger, happy, and peaceful, and no hardships in life can distract him from the way to self-perfection.

The Present is Eternity

To move along the way of self-perfection you should not rely upon enthusiasm, which may be here now and gone tomorrow; the same is true with short-lived feelings. Do not listen to them, since such feelings are fickle as the wind; today they blow in one direction, tomorrow, in the opposite. If you will follow your feelings, you’ll never achieve anything. If the phantom of weakness, sentimentality, or foolishness appears then you should make the kata of fury and destroy these phantoms to continue your clear path to perfection.

Sansa-Energy Astro Psychology

There is a corrupted understanding about many things in our modern world, but the highest knowledge gives us solutions to these problems, and ancient wise men conveyed their ideas to us.

Now let us try to define the origin of the root of all of the evil of mankind. This evil is the so-called lamb program that teaches people to be weak and accepting of bad situations.

Forming a Personal Egregor

Many people, who are surrounding you, influence each other with different emotional states. This lesson teaches you how to build your personal power structure, using the positive emotional states and blocking out the negative emotional states around you.

The Art of Intention

Each person wishes to realize his or her own purpose and ideas, but only a few
succeed. What is the reason for so many failures? Why can’t people make their desires and ideas come true? The problem is that they don’t know the mystical act by which means great magicians and great individuals have realized their designs. Some of them use this act unwittingly; others are fully aware of what they are doing.

The Spring of Joy Practice

Feel yourself joyful and happy. Repeat mentally the following words: “Now I will always be happy and content. I won’t attach the attitudes of other people to my state of joy. My happiness doesn’t depend on whether I achieve anything in this life or not. I can be happy by myself. I don’t need anybody’s praise. I can ignore other people’s opinion, because I can be happy without their attitude, be it positive or negative. I will always be happy and full of joy and energy...”


This technique is used to “exorcise” harmful spirits from your body, so that you will be healthier and more energetic.

Development of Power and Abilities

Many people try to open up their power and abilities. But to achieve this, a man must become his own master. He must learn to bend his own states and actions to his will. A man will be able to realize his intentions in life only when he strengthens his will.