Scandinavian School for Siberian Shamanism (SSSS)

Skandinavisk Skole for Sibirske Shamanismen (SSSS)

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Healing of body, mind  and spirit 

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8 weekends training (Friday-Sunday), every third months, each time 25 hours, 2 years of training, full education with diploma

200 Hours all together, 125 Kr/hour (with full payment in 2005) 2850 Kr/module

Start: week 42, 2005.    

2005: 21-23.10.2005    
27-29.01.2006 21-23.04.2006 25-27.08.2006 24-26.11.2006
16-18.02.2007 18-20.05.2007 21-23.09.2007  

This knowledge is vital and practical. To master it one needs not have medical education, but a sincere and sympathetic heart, and a  true desire to help people to get rid of diseases and suffering. You will know the true essence of spiritual healing, its commandments and laws. You will find answers to such questions as: why canít modern medicine  and science  help a man? What is the secret of eternal youth and beauty? What is the way to clean  one's karma and get the  fate of a healthy and happy person? How to prolong life? And many other questions.

 First of all, you can heal yourself, then you'll be taught to heal other people, your nearest and dearest.

You will know how to create energy protection against evil spells  and other external influences, which harm people's health. You will never again waste money on doctors and false physicians, as you'll have a deep understanding of the reason for a disease and know the way to treat it.

  The most ancient secrets will be opened up for ordained persons and then these people will possess the most powerful  healing strength able to heal the most complicated illnesses, make invalids walk again, open up para-psychological abilities. You'll be able not only to clean your own karma but also the  karma of your nearest and dearest, you'll get rid of all curses on your family.

  During this course (8 weekends training, each time 25 hours, 200 Hours all together) you will be able to ask questions and get individual consultations, and learn how to find positive outcomes to the most complicated everyday difficulties.

Topic 1. The Foundations of Spiritual Healing. Knowledge of the subtle structure of a man.

-         Structure of the energy of a human being. The cause of diseases is  corruption in subtlebodies of a man;

-     The fundamental principles of Spiritual Healing. The Law of a victim;

-         The Art of correct breathing;

-         Dynamic meditation is a special healing dance;

-         Curative herbs, healing our body and our soul. Development of the ability to feel  instinctively the curative power of herbs;

-         The proper way of life and correct meals are the ancient  rules and secrets;

-         Vigil is the art to clean your body and soul;

-         Healing with the elements of nature and places of power. Trees are healers. The curative power of the Earth.

Topic 2. The etheric body of a man is the body of our sound health and youthfulness.

-         Methods of straightening and cleaning the etheric body. Work with meridians of the etheric body;

-         Acupuncture;

-         Slav yoga - special exercises for  youthfulness and longer life;

-         Massage for greater energy and for rejuvenation. Manual therapy;

-         Special points and zones on the body which allow regulation of  our emotions, thoughts and physical body. Self massage of these points and zones;

-         Methods of rejuvenation and getting rid of excess weight. Opening up feminine power;

-         Release of stresses and the art of deep healing relaxation.


Topic 3. Protection field around you


-         Withdrawal of spells  and curses, mastering of healing and prevention of diseases;

-         Withdrawal of celibacy, withdrawal of sexual energy blockages;

-         Withdrawal of death spell, revitalisation of vital power;

-         Creation of protection for blocking the influence of negative energies, influences of magicians and sorcerers;

-         Methods of protection acceleration - mantras, breathing power and mental  protection;

-         Ancient rituals of fire and water therapy;

-         Special protective talismans and objects for defense.



Topic 4. The power of mantra and penitence.


-         The art of healing mantra. Development of emotional body;

-         The secret of penitence is an ancient method of getting rid of old diseases, misunderstanding and depression;

-         The art of compassion, understanding and forgiving;

-         Getting rid of  the past life burden is the magic practice of recapitulation;

-         Reconstruction of connection with your guardian angel. Return of your angel to children and to close friends.



Тоpic 5. The Orphic art as a means of healing


-         The healing technique, using the art of drawing;

-         The healing chanting of mantras;

-         Development of talents and creativity in children and adults;

-         Making and charging  special healing talismans;

-         The Orphic art as a method for quick removal of depression;

-         An ancient ritual using the power of the five elements;

-         "Enten" is a Slav method of coding to get rid of bad habits: smoking, alcoholism and drug abuse.



Topic 6. Karma is the root of diseases and conflicts. Healthy thoughts


-         Karmic knots are the cause of old chronic diseases;

-         Healing of especially complicated "incurable" diseases: cancer, epilepsy and the like;

-         Creation of correct  programs of life. Healthy thoughts;

-         Cleaning of family karma and generations; creating an ideal family;

-         Prevention of disease. Ways to avoid  disease. Concealed symptoms of some on-coming diseases.


Topic 7. Stars and your health


-         Zodiac signs and natal chart houses. Connection of cosmos and a man;

-         Specific diseases for each Zodiac sign. The way we can protect ourselves;

-         The chart of our health: determination of periods of weakness in  our organism;

-         Connection of our body meridians with the planetary system;

-         Special methods of healing by appealing to the stars and planetary  power;

-         Astro-medicine.


Topic 8. Prediction of a disease and distant healing


-         Diagnosis by external symptoms - eyes, skin color and voice;

-         Diagnosis of aura - development of clairvoyance;

-         Diagnosis of chakras, connection of chakra with body organs and diseases;

-         "Lakshmi" - special methods of remote healing, healing by  photography

-         Work with man's phantom;

-         The ritual of calling the protector of the family tree;

-         "The gates of pleasure" - getting protection of the Higher Power and the Spiritual Teacher.