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Skandinavisk Skole for Sibirske Shamanismen (SSSS)

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Secrets of Altai.

Everyone dreams of being happy. The basis of human happiness is oneís family.

In our modern time the absence of love, unsuccessful searches for a partner, and the lack of family harmony have become pressing problems. Many people seek happiness for years, but are unable to find it, because they donít know the reasons for their unhappiness. They donít know the way to find happiness, nor do they have the methods to change their state of unhappiness.

Millions of people suffer from health problems. From an early age, children already have incurable diseases. Alcoholism and other addictions are problems that develop for the same reasons, just as fear and loneliness are. All these things are just the surface of peopleís problems.

Every person has a right to pursue happiness. What can be done so that a person can attain it ĺ what is needed?

An organization was founded by Altai Chi (Master of Golden Altai) to combine new knowledge with ancient teachings in order to gain great wisdom to help the people of the world harness their natural energies so as to be able to attain peace, happiness, love, and liberty. In the years since 1989, the Academy of Golden Altai has become known as one of the best in the world.

Often the mysticism of one age becomes the science of a new age, once it has been studied and properly understood. Understanding and using the mysteries of ancient traditions to bring happiness to people of the modern world is the mission of the Academy of Golden Altai and has been the life work of its founder, Altai Chi.

At the renowned Institute of Kaznacheev in Novosibirsk (Siberia, Russia), scientists studied the findings that had been gleaned from ancient mysticism and discovered to their amazement that there was scientific basis to the teachings and techniques of the Academy of Golden Altai.

This quest for knowledge has taken Altai Chi and the Academy of Golden Altai many years. In the process, they have studied and learned many secrets from many sources of wisdom.

There is good reason to be worried about the current state of people on Earth because, in spite of technical progress, people are at a low level of spiritual development. Modern people have no control over their psyche, mind, or energy, which results in an ever-increasing number of psychological diseases, which could be quickly removed with the Ancient Slavic Method.

Often people have a limited view of their multiple levels of being and living, so that even the most minor difficulty can trigger a deadlock situation, resulting in nervous stress, heart attack, and even suicide.

It is our hope that you will let us help you to use this knowledge to find happiness for yourself and your family.

From the staff and teachers of the Academy of Golden Altai:

We love you! We pray for you!