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Skandinavisk Skole for Sibirske Shamanismen (SSSS)

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Spiritual Healing (start in autumn 2005, week 42)

Learn methods to eliminate spiritual, emotional, and psychological illnesses, and build a more robust mental and physical health for yourself and others.

SHAMANIC DEATH  -   7  LEVELS (2005-2006)


The ritual shamanic death is not only for shamans in these days. . When you want to change your life or old situations, to transform this into new these ritual is for you. By doing the ritual of shamanic death you are ready for the next step in your development. You let go of the old and you make yourself free for new. For some people this means to become a shaman or a healer.  For others who are not working with shamanism it means that they go for the next stage in their development; or to leave behind: diseases, old patterns, poverty, non harmonious situations and relations. Shamanic death is an ancient  ritual ,that is known in many traditions. In Siberia this ritual was only done with shamans.   They put a skin of an animal between 4 trees.   And they left the shaman alone in the forest on this skin, which hang high above the ground between the trees.  When it was the right time, they came to get him and by this he had his initiation like a shaman.  And many channels were opened inside of him and he was ready to start with his task as a shaman .

  Nothing will end without a new start. When you are ready to let die old parts inside of you, you create a new adventure in life.

  When you want to experience shamanic death on a deep level, have contact with the spiritual world, have a happy new life: this ancient ritual has 7 stages.

Level 1  Ritual Shamanic death: 15.10 kl. 17.30

Transformation of your vision about life. Let go of old patterns and open up higher  capabilities.  New way of life. Contact with spirithelpers who give you power and show you the spirit world. Offer 350 DKr.

Level 2 Ritual Shamanic death : 16.10 kl. 17.30.

In this level all your relations will be changed. You will connect with all your relations on a higher level.  You say goodbye to everybody, you say what is not said and you ask and give forgiving.  This ritual opens your heart and to feel people deep inside. Nobody can hide anything for you. Offer 350 DKr.

LEVEL 3 Ritual Shamanic death


On this evening we will go to the forest, prepare our death. We will have a flashback of our life.  We will be buried in sand and leaves. Transformation  of  stress, transformation of blocks to freedom, joy and happiness Opening higher abilities to communicate with spirits of nature and raise your energy to the level of a shaman.  Offer 350 DKr.                                                                                                                              LEVEL 4 Ritual Shamanic death

Go through the gate of your personal sufferings´. Leaving behind   loneliness,  sadness, madness, ego, addictions, diseases , jealousy, uncertainty and all other habits. We will travel through the shamanic world to Erlik; guard of the world of the past.  After this we will continue the ritual to the future world and put goals for our new life and task.  This ritual is opening the 3rd eye and predicts future.  Offer 450 DKr.

LEVEL 5 Ritual Shamanic death

Death and rebirthing in cooperation with the powerful spirit of the mountain.  This ritual will be done in a cave.  Energy that is blocked will be transformed so that we are able to receive higher spiritual knowledge. This brings us to a very high level of development.  This will change our life very fast and it will never be the same. Opening higher abilities of telepathy, intuition and passing knowledge. Offer 450 DKr.

LEVEL 6 Ritual Shamanic death

Chadir (sweatlodge) of death. This is the house of death.  The ideal place to have contact with the spirit of death. It is better to  make him your friend then to run for him all the time. Everything in the chadir helps you, hot stones, steam, the shape of the  Chadir and the special smell of herbs (herbs of death and transformation).  This is the 6th level, cleaning of  karma. After this ritual you will look in this world with the eyes of a child. Cost  800 DKr.

LEVEL 7 Ritual Shamanic death

Complete transformation  and knowledge about past life's , youth, shamanic journey on the river of life, journey to the swamps in the shamanic worlds.  Deep  about the world of  Erlik; about death and transformation. What happens with your soul after death. All channels will be opened which you need for your new destiny.  You will be ready for you task.  Your goal of life on earth will be clear and supported by many spiritual healers.  Offer 2500 DKr.

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Astro Aikido: 14.10 17.30

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