Scandinavian School for Siberian Shamanism (SSSS)

Skandinavisk Skole for Sibirske Shamanismen (SSSS)

Lyngby Hovedgade 44, st. th, 2800 Lyngby , Denmark

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Secrets of Altai.


The Altai Mountains are a mystical magical link to the hidden knowledge of the past. Located along the borders of Siberia, Mongolia, and China, Golden Altai is a place where time seems to stand still. Since ancient times Golden Altai has been ruled by outsiders, including invasions of Mongols, Turks, Chinese, and Russians. Over the centuries many religions and cultures have been imposed from outside, yet the people of the Golden Altai have retained many of their ancient traditions.

In the Golden Altai, Shamans still practice their magic and teach their ancient wisdom. Modern scientists study the Shamans, in order to discover the secrets of levitation, clairvoyance, telekinesis, telepathy, and the healing powers of various herbs and rituals.

The Masters of Golden Altai have developed the International Academy of Awakening to improve the teaching of their ancient wisdom and techniques in modern times. Their system of knowledge has spread worldwide and has been studied by scientists in many countries.

Some things are still a mystery. We don’t know why or how they work, but we can observe the phenomenon to discover that they do work. The Masters of Golden Altai have spent centuries unlocking the secrets to the powers of the universe. In the process, they have discovered many truths, invented many methods, and improved the lives of many people.

Scandinavian School of Siberian Shamanism (SSSS)© is the part of the International Academy of Awakening, which is offers very broad education directions and short courses aiming at to help the people to be more happy, healthy and have the valuable and interesting life her in our planet in 21 Century. There are several directions in the school. Each direction is the full education program which has about 200 teaching hours including self practice. After the finishing the education the international diploma of the International Academy of Awakening  is issued which is ensured a high quality of practical knowledge for the students.

There are several direction for education in SSSS:  

1. THE ART OF LOVE & HAPPY FAMILY (starts 2006)

Learn to apply time-tested techniques of finding and nourishing true love, developing family harmony, and raising happy, healthy, intelligent, and emotionally secure children.

2. BUSINESS MAGIC (starts 2006)

Discover ancient secrets to business success and managing wealth.

3. ESOTERIC PSYCHOLOGY (starts 2007)

Master the psyche and use “the most powerful organ” to master the universe.

4. SPIRITUAL HEALING (starts autumn 2005)

Learn methods to eliminate spiritual, emotional, and psychological illnesses, and build a more robust mental and physical health for yourself and others.

5. INDIGOLDEN CHILDREN (short course)

Discover effective ways to release the genius of young minds and develop the child’s inner powers. Learn about personality types, differences, and how to deal with special children.


Experience the joy and beauty of Belly Dance with the healthful effects of Slavic Yoga for a special Universal Synergy feeling.

7. ASTRO AIKIDO (starts autumn 2005)

Harness your inner powers and the powers of the universe. Lose your fear. Be strong and secure.

8. CLEOPATRA MAGIC (starts 2006)

Discover and practice hidden secrets of beauty, magnetism, and rejuvenation.

9. ORPHICA: ART MAGIC (starts 2007)

Experience the art of magic and the magic of art.

10. ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY (starts 2006)

Figure out the best times for business decisions, strategic moves, and finding love.

11. TANTRIC YOGA (starts 2006)

Experience improved mental, physical, and emotional health.